Monday, February 14, 2011

The Best Roof in Costa Rica (c) Richard Brown

The best roof in Costa Rica was this one...
It was some sort of batty experiment. We didn't ask, because we were trespassing to see them. But we think it was some sort of hierarchy experiment. Each bat was individually colour coded on its fore-arm. These bats were of the same Sac-Wing family as the ones we saw on the tree, but have the fantastic title of 'Brazilian Long-Nosed Bat, Proboscis Bat or Sharp-Nosed Bat'.
The reason being, they have a long nose.
They too had the parallel lines on their backs, but it was much fainter than the Greater White-Lined Bat. Still, their multicoloured bangles made up for it.

Brazilian Long-Nosed Bat (c) Richard Brown

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