Friday, March 4, 2011

Bardsey Lighthouse last night with a clear, starry sky behind © Richard Brown

Last night was stunning. Moisture in the air meant that the individual beams of the lighthouse were very clear. The Milky Way was bright in the sky so there was no chance of an attraction. But the morning saw an exciting avian event anyway when an Arctic Skua flew past us on the narrows. Until today the earliest record of this species was 8th April so this was a very early bird indeed. Two Small Tortoiseshells feeding around Ty Bach were also earlier than average and had probably been coaxed out of hibernation by the warmer temperatures of the last few days. Other notable events included Shags nest building on the east coast cliffs and the continued arrival of Razorbills and Guillemots to the waters around the island.

Auks are typically monogamous. The Razorbills we saw this morning seemed to be reaffirming their pair bonds with lots of bill touching and swimming wing to wing. © Richard Brown

The skies around Bardsey remained misty all day. To the east mountain peaks rose above the haze and to the west the sun disappeared early into a dense bank of mist © Richard Brown

Rich spent part of the day fixing not one, but two generators. Although the first one only had to be shook vigorously to fix, the other involved scavenging the old starter motor off an old generator. Covered in grease (Rich) and an hour or so later, it (the generator) too was fixed! 

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  1. Love the sky scapes.
    Glad to see all is going well