Monday, April 25, 2011

A change to northerly winds has brought a halt to the large numbers of birds being recorded. But a drake Shoveler heading west at sea was the first since 2006 and a new 30 foot net erected in Carreg Reedbed trapped 11 White Wagtails and a Swallow as they came into roost last night. 

Two Lapland Buntings are still hanging on in the Northwest Fields. (c) Richard Brown

Seven Spotted Flycatchers have been recorded so far this spring. (c) Richard Brown

A few Common Redstarts are still trickling through. (c) Richard Brown

High double figure counts of Wheatear are being recorded daily. These two birds nicely illustrate the difference between a full adult bird (which has replaced all the feathers of the wing with nice black feathers during a full moult), and a first year bird (which has only replaced a few inner greater coverts and retains the wing feathers it grew in the nest). (c) Richard Brown

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