Friday, May 6, 2011

It's been yet another fantastic couple of days with a good variety of migrants and a couple of scarcer birds as well. Yesterday we flushed a Quail within 50 metres of our back door and had cracking, if somewhat brief, views as it vanished into Squill, Thrift and grass no more than a couple of inches high. Today Rich got to ring his first Golden Oriole which was trapped at the Obs after it had toured the withy beds of the lowlands during the morning. Three Cuckoos are also at large and one sadly managed to escape from the same mist net that caught the Golden Oriole. A smart Blue-headed Wagtail fed with the Welsh Black Cattle to the north of the island. Elsewhere double figure counts of Sedge Warbler, Whitethroat and Spotted Flycatcher were noted and a Ring Ouzel remains on the hillside above the Obs.

A description species in Wales, Golden Orioles are happily an annual occurrence here. But this is only the 21st to be ringed on Bardsey and it is the first we've seen in the hand. Ageing and sexing of non-adult birds is apparently a bit of a minefield but we hope to be able to suss this one out after a little more research. (c) Richard Brown

 It has so far proven a decent spring for Cuckoos on Bardsey with three present today and daily records for the last week. It's a shame this one had to perch as if it needed the toilet. (c) Richard Brown

Two or three Garden Warblers are being recorded each day at the moment. (c) Richard Brown

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