Saturday, May 21, 2011

Strong winds have again hit the Island. The Woodchat Shrike, and 14 of the 28 Spotted Flycatcher recorded yesterday, remain. Two Reed Warblers and a Cuckoo seem to be the only birds new in.

We have made the most of the few gaps in the weather and managed to access some of the more treacherous areas of the Island. A bit of rope work and we managed to reach the first Chough chicks of the year. We access the nests each year in order to monitor productivity and colour ring the chicks to help ascertain the life histories of each bird. Each chick gets a unique colour combination which can be read in the field and therefore helps ornithologists deduce how birds within a population move and which areas and habitat types are important to conserve. (c) Richard Brown

 We also ringed the first ten Shag chicks of the year as part of our long term monitoring of seabird populations. (c) Richard Brown

Giselle has been caring for our fourteen Puss Moth caterpillars, well, thirteen of them as one mysteriously vanished. But the great news of yesterday and today is that, roughly five days after they hatched, the lads have started to moult into their second instars. This one is just out. (c) Richard Brown

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