Thursday, June 30, 2011

Unringed adult Willow Warblers and Chiffchaffs turning up in the gardens (and therefore not our ringed breeding birds) are further indication that autumn is on its way. As is the dispersal of young Whitethroats, phylloscs and Stonechats across the island, some of which no doubt arose from the nearby mainland. A juvenile Blackcap in the heligoland this morning was not of Bardsey origin either. Also not of these parts is a Barnacle Goose x Canada Goose hybrid which has spent the last two days exploring the coast. At sea another dark adult Arctic Skua drifted past and Black-headed Gulls are now daily. The Curlew flock has reached 30 and four Redshank have arrived. The highlight has again not been an avian one...

Giselle found the first Hummingbird Hawkmoth of the year on the 28th. There were then at least five yesterday. These fantastic moths arrive to the UK from Southern France before feeding up on nectar rich flowers such as this Fuchsia. They then lay eggs on Lady's Bedstraw (present on Bardsey in abundance) and produce a second generation later in the summer. These adults may attempt to over-winter (I had one hibernate at my window on Skomer) but they rarely survive (the Skomer individual was dead by March). The 28th also saw the first Rusty-dot Pearl of the year, another immigrant to Britain. (c) Richard Brown

Another surprise yesterday was a second Poplar Hawkmoth caterpillar which hatched on Willow leaves brought in to feed the one remaining Puss Moth and the first Poplar Hawk (the first confirmed Bardsey breeding record). (c) Richard Brown

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  1. Such beautiful pictures! What camera are you using?

    The puss caterpillars look huge, they give me shivers, I'm looking forward to seeing what the moths look like.

    I wonder if you'll upload some photos of the islands chickens?

    Miss yous! Lots of love x