Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's not long until the Birdfair now, so we decided to pick up a few essentials in town. It was a successful mission, but we were distracted by the news that the Wilson's Phalarope was still showing, a mere 15 minutes from where we were. We made a well deserved excursion to Greenabella Marsh. Whilst the bird was still distant, it was in a much better position and the sun was still fairly high in the sky. We spent the best part of an hour watching this magnificent wader feeding along the edge of the marsh.

This awesome winter-plumaged adult was still distant, but its features were fantastically defined in the afternoon sun. (c) Richard Brown

Watching the Wilson's Phalarope feed was text book! It walked around the grassy edges snapping at insects with a classic pivoted body before returning to the marsh where it stealthily swam low in the water, stalking its prey to within milimeters before a quick dart forward with its long, elegant bill. It appeared that there was plenty food in the marsh for it this afternoon, so it may well stick around a few days longer. (c) Richard Brown

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