Saturday, October 22, 2011

In what seems like the windiest autumn ever, staring into wind battered undergrowth is still failing to pay dividends; the only passerine of note was a Black Redstart. Sadly the Southerly wind doesn't really favour seawatching either; we spent a couple of hours yesterday and saw approximately 30 birds, although an Arctic Skua and a Black Guillemot broke the monotony.

With record numbers of Skuas passing this autumn, it was almost inevitable that one would stop and rest for a while. This smart adult Arctic Skua is heading southwards, although to where we can't be certain. Although some adults overwinter around the Sargasso Sea, and may even drift back North as far as the UK, the majority of birds cross the equator to spend their time around the Patagonian Shelf off Argentina or in the Benguela Current off South Africa. (c) Richard Brown

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