Monday, October 3, 2011

A small ticking bunting, which toured the island yesterday, has won the award for most frustrating bird of the year. It was never seen on the deck but sometimes associated with a Reed Bunting, at which point the obvious smaller size was apparent. The call, a sharp, sometimes almost mechanical 'tsik', was all that we got on the bird which was almost certainly probably likely to be a Little Bunting. Single observer Wryneck and Yellow-browed Warbler wanted to be the most frustrating birds of the year, but they weren't. Much more obliging have been three or four Vestals and a Crimson Speckled, the latter a new addition to the island lepidoptera list. A Clouded Yellow was the first for several years.

A spell of calm weather meant we could open the mist nets at Nant. One hour and one Goldcrest later we decided to shut the nets, but not before taking out a Pied Flycatcher. The distinctive white notch on the tip of the central tertial (caused by a broad tip on the outer web and narrow tip on the inner web) means that this is a bird of the year (adult birds have an even and narrow white tip to their central tertial). It's on its first migration to it's wintering grounds south of the Sahara. (c) Richard Brown

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