Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's cold, windy and there isn't much about. But on Bardsey there's always something interesting to look at...

Either the second or third Satellite to be found on the Island. The name presumably comes from the marks on the forewing which resemble two satellites orbiting a bigger sphere. But the amazing thing about this smart winter Noctuid is the larva. The larvae feed during the night and hide during the day between leaves they spin together. When they are young they have a typical caterpillar diet of leaves. However as they get larger they develop more carnivorous tendencies and start to take the larvae of other species! (c) Richard Brown

Up to three Merlins, three Sparrowhawks and four Peregrines are hunting over Bardsey at the moment, along with an occasional Short-eared Owl or three. It's no surprise that we are encountering the corpses of plenty of thrushes and starlings along with a Redshank. These feathers were most of what remained of a corpse at the North End of the Island. A fair distance from typical habitat, this Water Rail had probably only just arrived to Bardsey when it met its demise. (c) Richard Brown

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