Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Sabine's Gull from yesterday returned to the Narrows today but took to feeding on the short grass with the Starlings. It proved remarkably approachable and crippling views and photos were had by all. It was feeding constantly, only breaking for the odd bath in a nearby rainwater pool or to take a few shrimpy things from the breakers in Henllwyn. Invertebrates also seemed to be the main target when up on the grass. It's extreme tameness (until yesterday it had probably never clapped eyes on a human), meant that it could be safely caught for ringing. A few wet feet later (and for some wet everything), and we were holding only the third ever Sabine's Gull to be ringed in the UK.

We realise that we're posting quite a lot of Sab's Gull pics, but we can't help it! We believe that this amazing first year is only the third to be ringed in the UK. One of the previous two was also on Bardsey, an adult back in 2004. In the hand we confirmed that the bird was a good weight with decent fat and muscle reserves. A full collection of biometrics were taken as so few people are lucky enough to handle this pelagic species. Lets hope this individual gives us a clue as to the provenance of our Sab's and where in the Southern Oceans they head. (c) Richard Brown

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