Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rich also has a ringing report to write so he's been busy looking at this year's totals. We ringed 3903 birds on the Island this year, 3229 of which were adults, 1136 of which were ringed by Giselle and only 751 by Rich. This was the best year total since 2008 when over 1000 Goldcrests boosted the total (only 133 were ringed in 2011). Highlights included the 2nd ever Sabine's Gull (and 3rd for the UK), the 3rd Hoopoe for Bardsey, the 5th Hawfinch, the 7th Western Bonelli's Warbler, the 8th and 9th Lapland Buntings, the 11th Woodchat Shrike, 14th Corncrake, 14th and 15th Pallas's Warbler, the 17th Barred Warbler, the 18th Subalpine Warbler, Sanderling and Great Spotted Woodpecker, 18th and 19th Common Redpoll, 21st Golden Oriole, the 34th Leach's Petrel, 36th Icterine Warbler and 45th Red-breasted Flycatcher. Not bad considering that people have been ringing on Bardsey since 1953.

We managed to get to all the Chough nests this year as Steve Hinde is extremely handy with ropes. Despite the extremely poor productivity, the ten young colour ringed took the Observatory total over the 500 mark. All the young birds are measured and weighed to see how well they are doing (c) Giselle Eagle

Other 2011 landmarks included the best ever Swallow total with 114 ringed (the yearly average on Bardsey is 25.89). The 45 Pied Wagtails ringed also set an annual record (the yearly average is 11.13). It was a good year for the common phylloscs with 405 Chiffchaff being the highest total since 1996 and the 996 Willow Warblers the best since 2002. The three young Peregrines ringed equals the best achieved on Bardsey. A total of 87 species were trapped, but with no new additions the number of species ringed on Bardsey remains at 193. 

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