Friday, January 27, 2012

With just four days to go until we fly to Anguilla, it seems that the photo backlog just isn't going to get dealt with. It's a shame that a load of interesting stuff isn't going to make it to the blog. For instance these White-fronted Goose shots taken at Seaton Common last week. Well, they have made it now, but other stuff hasn't. The geese were well-grilled by Martin Garner here:

The flock of European albifrons birds had picked up a Greenland flavirostris somewhere during their travels. The darker looking first-year Greenland bird (bottom two photos), besides its orangy bill, also differed in several other ways. The much reduced pale fringing to the mantle and wing coverts helped produce the overall darker appearance of the Greenland. The Greenland also has darker greater coverts rather than the pale silvery centers on the European birds. The flank line is narrower and less distinct on the Greenland and the tail, best seen in the bottom photo, has much reduced white tips. (c) Richard Brown

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  1. Hope you have a great trip to Anguilla. Yesterday I spotted a rare winter migrant that had travelled south to RSPB Marshside. Richard Else