Friday, May 4, 2012

It's been a much quieter day today, but the first Turtle Dove of the year brightened the dull morning, as did another smart Snow Bunting. A Black-headed Gull with a blue darvic ring followed the tractor for a while and another silent grey Chiffchaff caused some head scratching.

Although this bird probably wintered to the South of us, some Snow Buntings winter further North than any passerine, with the exception of Raven. That's quite impressive as a Raven weighs about 31 times what a Snow Bunting weighs. (c) Richard Brown

A small number of Siskins have been trickling through. A first-year male two days ago carried the ring 12631205 which had been added somewhere in Belgium. The same day saw the Goldcrest DKN664, a British ringed bird, controlled at Nant. He was still there the following day. (c) Richard Brown 

Another problematic grey Chiffchaff was just North of the Observatory. (c) Richard Brown

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