Friday, June 8, 2012

Almost two years to the day since the last Bardsey Greenish Warbler was picked up on song, today saw it happen again with a vocal bird at the farm relocating to the Observatory. In horrendous weather the gathered crowd were only managing fleeting glimpses as it sang from cover. Happily it made its way into the Heligoland Trap (yet again a big thank you to Mr Hugo Weigold (who incidentally was apparently the first Westerner to see a live Giant Panda in the wild)). This is the ninth Bardsey record and the ninth to be reported in the UK so far in 2012.

The top photo is of today's bird and the lower photo is the bird found whilst trying to locate the White-throated Sparrow on 11 June 2010. Both adult and first-winter Greenish Warblers undergo a complete moult in their Indian wintering grounds so we can't age the birds. The difference in wear to the greater coverts is particularly striking between the two individuals, with today's bird almost lacking a wing-bar entirely. (c) Richard Brown

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