Saturday, June 30, 2012

We'll be honest. We were starting to think about our summer holiday. We'd leave Bardsey today and head up North via the rather stonking Little Swift. But the weather isn't in agreement. Raging 30mph Southwesterlies mean we're staying, at least for today. It's a good job too! For the second time this month, a male Greenish Warbler burst into song this morning. Not the easiest bird to see in swirling, dense foliage, but a brief but good view of the bird, coupled with its distinctive song, meant we were pretty happy about the identification. But as the wind dropped the bird also made the convenient decision to move to the sheltered side of Cristin Withy. A net could be opened and we were soon holding this tenth for Bardsey, the third to be trapped in three years and the second this month!

This individual showed a more distinct wingbar than the bird earlier this month. A second wingbar was also faintly visible along the edge of the median coverts. The bird was in good condition with healthy fat and muscle scores. It was released into the Observatory garden where it has continued to sing on occasion. (c) Richard Brown

There can't be too many places with a ringing schedule looking like this! Outside of Eastern Europe or Russia that is. Two Greenish Warblers ringed 22 days or seven AA rings apart. (c) Richard Brown

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