Sunday, December 11, 2011

Following a few days of grim weather, and no birds, an opportunity arose to make a dash for it and depart Bardsey for the winter. A mad packing session and a surprisingly smooth crossing and we were greeted by a rather ill car. Thanks to Colin the Boatman, Gareth the farmer, some jump leads, oil and air we got her going and headed back up to North Yorkshire. We're now luxuriating surrounded by fresh food, central heating and a TV! But with a Greater Yellowlegs and a couple of Desert Wheatears close by we wont relax for long. Over the next few days we thought we'd look back over what has been a pretty decent season on Bardsey (any distraction from report writing will be most welcome). Only one BBRC bird but plenty of very photogenic scarcities have made for good birding. We also have a backlog of several thousand photos to work through...

The Western Bonelli's Warbler on the first of September was the rarest bird of the year. By the end of 2008 there had still been fewer than 100 birds assigned to this species, six of which had occurred on Bardsey. Indeed four of the first nine recorded in the UK were trapped on Bardsey during the period 1959-1962. (c) Richard Brown

A small collection of scarcities from earlier in the year. If you head back through this blog there'll be plenty of information about them. (c) Richard Brown

And the best bird we've seen this year, by a mile? Well done Chris...

And you said our Sab's was a mega-tick! Congratulations again. (c) Richard Brown

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