Sunday, December 11, 2011

Now we are no longer constrained by the Island's limited satellite download limits, we will also be able to blog about things that have caught our attention elsewhere in the world. Starting with a question. What links the following two? The diminutive Turnstone, one of the commonest waders on Bardsey, and a Hermit Crab (although not the species pictured which was on Christmas Island)?

See for an amazing account of a Hermit Crab in the Seychelles attaching itself to the bill of a Turnstone! (c) Richard Brown


  1. Welcome back to civilisation. I assume you will return to Bardsey in the early spring. I am also looking at your photos of Hawfinch and Hoopoo and being jealous

  2. Thanks for the welcome. We'll be back to Bardsey in the spring for another season under the Lighthouse.